Modernize Your E-Commerce

Transform traditional e-commerce into experience commerce

Go beyond the transaction

In the digital age, commerce growth is measured by loyalty and advocacy. That starts with delivering a customer experience that actually speaks to your customers.

Introducing Commerce IO

Commerce IO helps you bridge the gap between your current transactional site and a true customer experience solution. Powered by our award-winning Digital Experience Manager, Commerce IO integrates with your current e-commerce technology so you can deliver continuous, personalized interactions backed by a flexible, data-driven front-end. 

The Basics

  • Enhances your e-commerce experience with modern marketing technology
  • Grants you full control over your customer's e-commerce experience
  • Ensures consistency across every digital channel
  • Easily integrates with legacy and market-leading software such as Hybris
  • Reduces your time-to-market - go from idea to execution at lightning speeds!


  • Integrated Search
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Rich Customer Data
  • Behavioral Personalization
  • SEO and Analytics Integration
  • Advanced Marketing Functionality
  • Multi-Variant and A/B Testing

Why Jahia?

  • Built on open-standards
  • Modern Architecture and APIs
  • Cloud-based
  • Headless Enabled
  • Native support for Web, Mobile App, and Portal
  • Secured and Controlled Deployment

How It Works




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