Great Digital Experiences only come when our technology is paired with the implementation expertise of our wonderful Partners.



"Partner Programs should be focused on the idea of 'Customer Delight,' wherein customer satisfaction drives every facet of the business. At Jahia, we commit to ensuring all of our partners are enabled with our technology - with a structure that rewards those who prove it!"

Michael Tupanjanin, CEO of Jahia


Jahia Is A Different Kind of Solution Partnership

We Are Invested In Partner Success

Jahia's core technologies and innovations are built around enhancing our Partners capabilities:

  • Jahia Cloud built exclusively for Partners
  • Continuous innovation of our solutions around Performance and Optimization
  • Multiple options for development (Headless, JS, Java, and numerous 3rd party Connectors)
  • A product designed for integration. We don't believe in "good enough."

Our Partners Are Key To Innovation

We listen to and engaged with Partners at every stage of the process, ensuring their voices are always being heard:

  • Partners don't just receive company reports - they actively contribute to our roadmap!
  • We are committed to co-selling with Partners, ensuring that customers get to see the whole picture
  • "Enable and Educate" - our Partners aren't just implementers - they're experts

We Don't Monetize Relationships

Our Partners are key to our growth. Why would we charge to help them be successful?

  • Free Online and Hands-on Training
  • Funded Co-Marketing Programs with Jahia team members
  • Enablement Service options, so Partners can start getting results right away

Our Partner Program Makes Sense

While others focus on minutae in evaluating their Partners, we focus on what actually matters:

  • Partner size is irrelevant - success via happy customers is all we care about!
  • Our most valued Partners are those that can execute hand-in-hand with us 
  • A program designed to reward consistency, honesty, and trust

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