A great Digital Experience means talking to your customers as individuals, not numbers. That doesn't just happen overnight - it involves transforming the very way you do business!

Build Your Solution, Step By Step

Transformation is a scary word. But it doesn't have to be. At Jahia, we keep things simple and easy, helping you gradually build towards a fully integrated customer experience:


Build Your Content Platform

Jahia provides your organization with an easy-to-use, customizable platform designed to enhance how you interact with your customers across all your digital touchpoints. Web, mobile, social media, portal - if you use it, we can make it better.


  • Easy-to-use, easy-to-understand
  • Unifies your customer experience into one solution
  • Grants you full control over your customers' online experiences
  • Ensures consistency across all your digital channels


  • Fully customizable - build your solution your way
  • Autonomous content management
  • Multi-site, multi-language functionality, including localization
  • Index Tagging
  • SEO and analytics integration
  • Simple and easy 3rd party integration

Let's Get Technical

  • Built on Java and completely open-source
  • Cloud-based
  • Headless Enabled
  • Advanced Portal features 
  • Secured and Controlled Deployment

Personalize & Optimize

Craft Unique Experiences

Now that your platform is ready, it's time to create a true "experience." By enhancing how you use customer data, you'll be able to deliver one-to-one journeys that are unique to each customer. That means better feedback and more satisfying engagements. 

  • Build and compile unique customer data profiles
  • Profiles follow customers across devices
  • Personalize key interactions in real-time
  • A/B Testing
  • Form Mapping & Data Scoring


Make It Better

Your platform is ready and you're engaging your customers. But there is still work left to do. From e-commerce to data silos, it's time to bring the other key pieces of your business up-to-speed so you can deliver a truly integrated, personalized experience across your entire organization.


You can start to plug in new technology or capabilities to engage your customers through innovation.

Learn more about established connectors Jahia provides on our ConnectWith Jahia page.


With connected data, you can start reaching out to your customers through new and different avenues. 


Voice Capabilities. Internet of Things. Virtual Reality. Innovate to deliver better experiences, better relationships, and drive loyalty and advocacy.

That all starts with creating YOUR DXP! 

We know you have questions. Let us answer them!